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Performance Teams

Being in our performance teams is an awesome privilege and heaps of fun. We aim to provide a positive team environment with competent, successful dancers who will grow from the performance experience. Many of our competition teams have won multiple local and regional competitions, as well as PACANZ nominations for soloists and troupes. We were the most nominated school in New Zealand for 2023 with 4 troupes attending PACANZ. Not only do we attend local and national competitions, but we also provide exciting performance opportunities at local shows and events. You must attend regular syllabus classes in the same genre as your performance team and these classes must be taken at Sweet Studios. Our performance teams are a full-year team commitment and there are requirements around attendance, diligence and behaviour in order to maintain the standard.

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Exams aren’t always compulsory, but are highly recommended. They are a great goal to work towards and give a sense of joy and achievement once completed. NZAMD exams are held at the end of Term 3 over 4 -5 days. Dance NZ Made hip hop exams are held at the end of Term 3/start of Term 4. Exam fees vary from $45 to $110 depending on the exam level entered. Please be aware that once you reach the Major Grades, exams must be sat in order to progress to the next examination level. Major exams must also be sat in order to be eligible for NZAMD National Scholarship awards.

Major exam levels

  • Jazz Elementary – Advanced 2

  • Ballet – Elementary - Advanced

  • Contemporary – Level 4 – Level 6

  • Tap – Level 6 – Level 9

Exam requirements
  • Students must have regular attendance in their syllabus class

  • You must wear the appropriate uniform required for your genre

  • Sometimes extra lessons and mock exams are scheduled – these must be attended

  • Practise at home (music and videos are provided)



We hold a showcase for all of our dancers at the end of Term 4 - it is definitely a highlight!! 

It is a super fun and exciting time of year for our students where each class learns a dance and gets the opportunity to perform on stage with costumes, music and lights at a local Kāpiti Theatre.

Please be aware there are some additional costs that are involved
  • Costumes (we aim to keep costs as low as possible)

  • Videography and photos

  • Tickets must be purchased

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