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Uniform is compulsory at Sweet Studios and is an important aspect of being a part of the Sweet Studios family.

We believe that if you dress like a dancer, you feel and dance like a dancer. It maintains equality amongst students, improves focus and discipline, and ensures all dancers have adequate mobility during class.

Improper clothing can impact technique and the teachers ability to correct students properly.

We will aim to have 1 dress up week per term (excluding Term 3)

  • Uniform must be worn to all classes except for our preschool and open classes.
  • Hair must be tied up and off your face with buns for ballet.
  • No jewellery is to be worn in class except for small earrings.
  • Please do not dance in socks or tights – this is to prevent injury.
  • Please no crocs, skirts or denim in ANY classes.

We are so excited to be launching our brand new uniform very soon!! But for now please wear your JFDS uniform to class. If you do not have a JFDS uniform then you can wear the following: 


No uniform required

Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Performance Teams

Black leggings or shorts and a singlet plus appropriate footwear (no t-shirts please)


Leotard and tights (or a singlet and leggings if you are yet to get a leotard)

Hip Hop and Hip Hop Performance Teams

Singlet or T-shirt with your own choice of black shorts/pants and any colour street shoes

Open Classes

Dancers own genre-appropriate dance wear and footwear

Please note you have until Term 3 to wear the new Sweet Studios uniform.

JFDS uniform may be worn in the meantime. 

The new uniform is coming very soon, so keep an eye on this page!

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